Are You Attracted to BadLands?


The Bisti Wilderness Area spans pretty much from HWY 371 to HWY 550 a little south of Farmington, New Mexico. There is much to see, but it seems that the best access to the area is from HWY 371. I made this mistake the hard way and drove up the 550 and then took the dirt road across. It would have been faster to take I40 over and the 371 up or even to go all the way to Farmington and take the 371 down from there.

Enjoy the slideshow below and be sure to check out my landscape photographic gallery here to see more. Antelope Canyon really is a unique, special place. You feel it when you first step into the mountain and the way the light filters and reflects down along with the beautiful and serene patterns make for a sublime experience. It’s worth the time and cost to visit. More on photographing here in a future post. Stay tuned.

Bisti Badlands at Night BB8 Rock

My sons quickly named this formation BB8 as in Star Wars. They had a great time running around with flashlights as the stars burned in the frame.

Hoodoo and shooting star photograph badlands new mexico

This is one of the elegant hoodoos - Just happened to have a shooting star going through when the shutter closed.

light painting with glow necklaces

Same formation - This time we experimented with some glow sticks to add effect. Boys thought it looked like something from Lord of the Rings.

Bisti Badlands at Day

The badlands are full of surprises - I can't wait to spend some more time here.