Why Change an Already Lovely Website?

Jon Adams - Photographer - Artist 

Why? Isn't that the same question we always hear? And the answer, why not. In actuality, there have been things I've wanted my site to do that have been difficult to do. This new site is all about art and photographs. The home page shows categories, the keywords work to bring people to see, and the store is much more robust and easier to navigate. Plus the integrated communication is a very welcome addition.

If you'll pick a gallery and you'll notice I now have the artistic ability to crop my photographs however I want. The site and printers will make any size and shape prints and even frames on demand. I love large panoramas - In fact I just made a 30"x80" print on metallic paper that turned out wonderfully. But with my old site panoramas were difficult to sell, no longer.

Then, You've got the wall preview tool. How big should I go when ordering art for my wall? You can try my art on your wall, just click on any image and then click the wall preview button. You can select your wall color and type of room to try on my art. Give it a try today!

Click here to start at the home page. Plug in your email address at the top of this page to receive updates. Thank you for trying out the new site. It's still somewhat under construction, so check back soon for updates.

Jon Adams - reflectedpixel.com